We often get questions about our jewelry and accessory pieces... here's a short primer on how to take care of your 23rd&Hare bauble.

What makes up my jewelry / accessory?

Most of the pieces in our collections are made from vintage findings, found objects, and other recycled materials... thus it can be called as modern costume jewelry. Modern costume jewelry incorporates a wide range of materials including base metal alloy, brass, and synthetic or glass stones. Some costume jewelry may use gold or silver plating over pewter, brass or other metals. A 23rd&Hare piece may have gemstones, glass, plastic or resin objects.

Will my jewelry / accessory tarnish or fade over time?

As with all costume jewelry, it will tarnish or fade but thats the beauty of it. With more wear, our pieces add character and become more beautiful. We suggest

  • Avoid wearing when swimming or bathing. Prolonged exposure to water may cause more tarnishing.
  • Avoid contact with skin care products or harsh perfumes.
  • Avoid over polishing as it may cause damage to its finish. A nice soft cloth is perfect for spot cleaning.

Will my jewelry / accessory turn my skin green?

A green reaction is usually from the acidity of the wearer’s skin reacting to the copper in the piece. So you may have that reaction. Thankfully the green reaction is easily washed off easily with soap & water and is often a temporary reaction brought on by humidity, skin care products, harsh perfumes or others.

Since our pieces are made from brass, nickel, copper and other materials, they naturally tarnish. The developed patina is part of their unique eclectic charm!

As always, if you have any questions about caring for your unique 23rd&Hare piece... feel free to drop us an email