I am an avid book reader, and that kind of literary lover that has a TBR pile that never seems to get less and often times I find myself between two or three different reads at a time. So is my love affair with books that back in 2014, I became part of the little free library movement... set up my very own neighborhood book exchange called The Bicycling Bunny Little Free Library and its been a whirlwind adventure ever since.

Part of this ongoing collection is a celebration of all things books and sharing the love for reading. Take a peak at our items especially designed for anyone who loves little free libraries as much as I do.

A portion of the profit from purchasing these items will be donated to the Impact Fund which provides resources to place book exchanges where they can be a catalyst for improving reading motivation and deepening community connectedness To find out more about this program, visit https://littlefreelibrary.org/impact-about/